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Member Roster

2014-2015 Member Roster:

Helen Adams

Kitty Albright

Jo Ann Ball

Gail and John Baron

Anne and John Barry

Mary Barry and Bill Keenan

Jean Batten

Terri and Mark Beattie*

Barbara Beckwith

Marnie Beckwith

Sarah and Tim Belk

Georgia and Bill Belk

Stephanie and Howard Bissell

Anne Marie Black

Patty Blackburn

Rosemary Blanchard

Bonnie and Thor-Erik Borresen

Gay Boswell

Mary and Charles Bowman

Wendy and Bob Bradford

Frannie and Herb Browne

Karen and Paul Broyhill*

Byron L. Bullard

Julie and Stokely Caldwell

Cynthia Carlson and Bill Bullock

Jane and John Cato

Siu Challons-Lipton and Jordan Lipton*

Jean and Gene Cochrane

Hillary and Fairfax Cooper

Jeanie and Tom Cottingham

Darlene and Glyn Cowlishaw

Jane and Tom Coyle

Christy and Otis Crowder

Pat and Dick Crull

Carol Dabbs

Rose Daniel

Virginia Davis

Mary Anne Dickson

Elyn and Mike Dortch*

David Easton

Joan and Mark Erwin

Lisa and Carlos Evans*

Carolyn Faison

Linda and Bill Farthing

Holland and Ian Ferguson

Wendy Field

Julie and Art Fields

Bonnie and Carlton Fleming

Doris and Charlie Fonville

Elizabeth and Louis Foreman

Darci and Dan Frahm

Pamela Freeman and Greg Johns

Libba and Mike Gaither

Sarah Belk Gambrell

Elena and Dick Giblin

Sandy Gordon

Patty and Bill Gorelick

Adrienne and Harvey Gossett

Jean Graham

Elaine and Bill Griffin

Heide and Oscar Groomes

Grey Hunter Hamilton

Carol and Watts Hamrick

Suzy and Steve Hannon

Michele and Aaron Harper

Claudia and Andy Heath**

Elaine and Landrum Henderson*

Nan and John Henderson

Liz and Aubrey Hilliard

Amy and John Hines

Lyttleton and Tom Hollowell

Gene Hoots

Courtney and Bill Hyder

Peggy and Jim Hynes

Kathy and Charles Izard

Katie and Mike James

Marianne and Ben Jenkins*

William Franklin Johnson, Jr.

Dana and Tom Joseph

Kelly Katterhagen and Larry Nabatoff

Becky and Jim Keenan

Bess and Kent Kercher

Kristen and Mark Kral

Martin J. Kreshon, Sr.

Judy and Paul Leonard

Sandra and Leon Levine

Sara and Erik Lincoln

William W. Marchant, Jr.

Juli Marley and Mark Clarke

Linda Dahlin-Marvin and Mike Marvin

Esten and Bob Mason

Emily and Henry Massey

Ashley and Scott Mattei

Cynthia and Randy Matz

Jane and Hugh McColl

Sandra and David McDonald

Jen and Jay McDonald

Anne and Gil McGeorge

Melissa and Mike McGuire

Susanne and Bill McGuire

Carolyn and Sam McMahon

Mary and Rich Miller

Katie and Walker Morris

Linde and Bill Mullis

Janet and Lowell Nelson

Ngozi and Obinna Oriaku

Isabel Owen

Jeanette and David Pankey

Lori and Bobby Pappert

Lynn and David Parker

Pam Pearson and Chuck Peach

Anne and Scott Perper

Karen and Brandon Perry

Lib and Tom Phillips

Dale and Larry Polsky

LeeAnn and Crawford Pounds

Kathryn Preyer

Kelli and Aaron Price

Tamea Price

Susan Remer

Clyda and George Rent

Jenny and Mark Robeson

Anne and Epes Robinson

Sally and Russell Robinson

Pat Rodgers

Lynn Rogers

M. A. and Jim Rogers

Young-Sun and Daniel Roth

Laura and Michael Schulte

Leah and Lew Semones

Michele and Roger Shaul

Mattye and Marc Silverman

Marcia and Paul Simon

Donna and Mark Simon

Barb and Dave Singer

Sherry and Tom Skains

Lori and Eric Sklut

Kelly and Will Stevens

Ann and Wellford Tabor

Ann and Michael Tarwater

Susan and Bill Tome

Jane and Trey Tune

Rita and Bill Vandiver

Judy and Kent Walker

Julie and Lance Walton

Martin Waters

Mary Webster

Laura Meyer Wellman and Ward Wellman*

Linda and Rex Welton

Leslie and Mitchell Wickham

Gail Wilkins and Howard Freese*

Jo Wilson

Katie Wireman

Anne and Chris Wooley

Joan and Thomas Wright

Anne and Fletcher Wright

Joan and Robert Zimmerman

*Executive Committee Member

This list is current through April 30, 2015
Please inform us of any changes. For information on joining The Learning Society, contact Julia Walton at 704-688-2838 or

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