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Financial FAQ

 How do I apply for financial aid?

You can apply for need-based financial aid by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at You must fill it out every academic year.

When will I know what financial aid I'll get?

Generally, you get aid packages about six weeks before the start of the upcoming term.  New freshmen packages are usually mailed by April 1.

What scholarships does Queens offer?

Queens offers scholarships to students upon their admission.  Contact your admissions counselor to see what Queens scholarships you might qualify for.

How do I apply for scholarships available outside of Queens?

You must apply for these types of scholarships on your own.  There's a scholarship resources list on myQueens that's available to current students and students who've turned in the advanced tuition deposit. You can also search for outside scholarships on the Internet and at your local library.

Does my family need to schedule an appointment with a financial aid counselor?

You don't usually need to schedule an appointment.  But if you have questions after getting your financial aid award letter, feel free to contact the Student Financial Services office.

What additional money is available through the new federal financial aid legislation?

The increased funding through the new legislation is based on need, and it's automatically awarded based on the results of you FAFSA. So you must fill out the FAFSA (see above) to determine your eligibility for funding. You don't have to fill out anything else.

One (or both) of my parents has been unemployed during the past year. How will this affect my financial aid?

That depends.  Families who have had changes in income should first fill out the FAFSA.  After getting the results of the FAFSA, the student and parent should fill out a Special Circumstances form (available online) and turn it in, along with supporting documents, to the Student Financial Services office. The information will be evaluated, and changes will be made as needed.

What are my options for a payment plan on any remaining balance not funded though scholarships and loans?

Queens offers a variety of payment options designed to help you manage your financial investment. Please visit our payment options page for a full list.

I don't live with my parents -- why can't my status be "independent"?

Federal laws determine the definition of dependent and independent students related to financial aid.  Dependency status is determined by answers you give on your FAFSA, so you can't determine for yourself whether you're independent or dependent.

Why was I chosen for verification, and what do I need to send you?

The Central Processing center that processes all FAFSAs chooses certain applications for verification for a variety of reasons. If an application is chosen, financial aid offices are responsible for verifying that the information reported on the FAFSA is accurate. In order to do this, you're required to submit a Verification Worksheet (available online), along with parent and student tax forms and W-2s.

How do I know if I qualify for veteran's benefits?

Visit see if you qualify, and what to do to access your benefit.


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