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WINGS Scholarship

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WINGS is a scholarship program sponsored by Women Executives for Community Service (WECS) for women 25 or older enrolled in Charlotte-area colleges and universities.  A woman who receives a WINGS scholarship has a clear educational and career plan - her personal vision is so strong that people want to support her in it and "give her wings."

WINGS (Women Initiating and Nurturing Growth through Scholarships) provides financial support, but it also offers a valuable mentor program. A seasoned, active, executive or professional woman, who is a member of Women Executives (WE), is assigned as a mentor to each WINGS recipient. This mentor provides her own experience, perspective, counsel, networks and personal support.

Scholarship funds are not restricted to direct educational costs, but can also cover childcare, career clothing, transportation and counseling. Working with the recipient, Queens will allow the WINGS grant to be individually tailored to help each recipient reach her goals.

A qualified candidate for a WINGS scholarship:

  • Is at least 25 years old.
  • Is a U.S. citizen or has permanent resident status.
  • Meets eligibility criteria to receive financial aid.
  • Wants to continue studies at Queens University of Charlotte.
  • Has successfully completed post-high school studies and achieved at least the sophomore level with a 2.5 GPA, whether currently enrolled or not.
  • Has a clear sense for what she wants to achieve through education.
  • Is pursuing her first bachelor's degree or an associate's degree directly related to her chosen career plan.
  • Has shown not only in her studies, but in other ways, that she is serious about her personal and career goals.
  • Is the major source of financial support for herself and/or her children, or needs retraining in order to achieve higher earnings or greater financial security.
  • Is eager to work with a mentor during the course of her WINGS scholarship.

Deadline for this scholarship is March 31 annually.

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