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Payment Options

We understand you are making a significant investment in your future. Below you will find a variety of information, plans and resources that will help you manage the costs of attending Queens University of Charlotte. Queens offers multiple payment options designed to make your investment as simple as possible.

Payment Due Dates

  • Spring 2015- December 1st
  • Summer 2015 -  May 1st
  • Fall 2015 - August 1st

Payment is due upon enrollment for any student enrolling after the payment due date.

Online Payments

Queens accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and E-check tuition payments online through myAccount. There is a convenience fee for credit card payments. For more information please read the Frequently Asked Questions for credit card payments.

myAccount gives user-friendly online access to all of your academic and financial information, including registration, class schedules, grades, important campus announcements and student-account information. Experience the convenience of paying tuition online by visiting the "Student Accounts" tab on myAccount.

Students may give other people online-payment access - for example parents, guardians and/or a spouse - by setting up a "Parent Pin" on myAccount. This is a secure and confidential way to allow your parents, guardian or spouse to help pay tuition expenses. Please be assured that granting other individuals access to make payments on your account does not give those individuals access to your academic information, student account activity or stored credit card data other than an individual's own credit card data. Parent pin access only provides access to the student account balance and copies of receipts for recent payments on account. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for online student account payments.

Installment Plans

While payment is due at the beginning of each term a number of students and their families pay educational expenses in planned installments with no finance charges. There is an enrollment fee to participate. Students who do not self-enroll in a payment plan or fully pay their account will be administratively enrolled in a three month payment plan. There is a higher fee to be administratively enrolled in a payment plan.  Students who either self-enroll or are administratively enrolled will be responsible for a late fee each month that payment is not received on time.

Three Month Payment Plan

All students enrolled in for credit programs in the fall and spring are eligible to enroll in the three month payment plan each term.

  • Term self-enrollment fee: $50
  • Term administrative fee: $150
  • Tuition for each term is divided into three equal payments with the first payment due concurrent with the payment due date for the term; following payments are due on the same day in the subsequent two months.

Ten Month Payment Plan

Undergraduate students paying the comprehensive tuition rate are eligible to enroll in the 10 month payment plan. The student (and parents or guardians responsible for payment) are required to complete an individual planning document with their Student Financial Services counselor. Payments are due on the 1st of the month beginning on August 1st.  This plan is only offered during the fall.

In additional to the financial planning document the responsible party must:

  • Pay enrollment fee of $75
  • Sign up to have monthly payment drafted from a credit card or checking account

Tuition Deferment Plans

Queens offers a tuition deferment plan on a semester basis for students whose employers reimburse tuition expenses at the end of the semester.

  • Term self-enrollment fee: $250

The tuition deferment plan form is available in advance of each term:

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