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SAGE Tuition Rewards

SAGE ("Savings and Growth for Education") Tuition Rewards is a unique, private college savings program. Tuition Rewards are discounts off tuition at participating colleges that represent the minimum scholarship that an eligible student will receive if attending a member college. Students receive Tuition Rewards from multiple "sponsors" (for example, parents and grandparents). A sponsor designates the tuition rewards to students when they begin their senior year of high school. If the students do not use the tuition rewards, they are rolled back into the sponsor's "bucket" for use by other students.

Queens counts Tuition Rewards as part of the normal institutional and merit scholarships. Students are eligible to join the SAGE Tuition Rewards program from birth until their completion of 10th grade.

Important Information about SAGE at Queens

  • Participation in the Tuition Rewards program is not a guarantee of, or a factor in, admission.
  • One Tuition Reward Point equals one dollar in scholarship value.
  • The maximum value that can be received is a four year scholarship equivalent to the annual cost of tuition the year the student enters Queens.
  • The Tuition Rewards scholarship is provided regardless of the income or assets of the Student or the Student's family.
  • The Tuition Rewards program's national guidelines do not allow the use of reward points for part-time attendance, graduate school or for any college costs other than tuition.

Important Timelines

  • Sponsors can join Tuition Rewards at any time. Since reward points are earned quarterly, semi-annually or annually, the earlier a Sponsor joins Tuition Rewards, the greater the accumulated points.
  • The Sponsor needs to submit the Student's Tuition Rewards statement to Queens at the time the student applies for admission.
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