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RN to BSN Admissions

Admissions Paused (09/16/2016): As healthcare continues to evolve and the demands increase for nursing, we understand the need to provide a RN-BSN curriculum that will not only meet your professional needs but will also be accessible to you as a working professional. The faculty of the Presbyterian School of Nursing value your commitment to advancing your education and would like to provide an educational opportunity that is streamlined and efficient for you. As a result of our commitment, we will pause admissions for our RN-BSN track while we work on a program curriculum revision. Therefore, we will not admit students in January 2017. Please check back here for updates. 

RN-BSN Track

The RN-BSN track at Queens offers a curriculum designed to meet the diverse learning needs of Registered Nurses who have completed an associate degree or diploma program in nursing. The length of the degree will vary, depending upon prior academic preparation and individual course plans. Students in the RN-BSN track are admitted to Queens through Hayworth School of Graduate and Continuing Studies.

Admission Information:

Emphasis in the admissions decision is placed on the academic history of the applicant. The intent is to offer admission to those whose credentials indicate a strong likelihood for success in the bachelor degree curriculum. Queens selects the best qualified candidates from those completing the application process and meeting the minimum admission requirements. Admission to the RN-BSN Track is a two-step process. The first step is to apply to Queens through the Hayworth School of Graduate and Continuing Studies (see Hayworth Admissions). Applicants may complete remaining course prerequisites and degree requirements through Hayworth School of Graduate and Continuing Studies. The second step is to apply to the RN- BSN Track. Applicants may contact Admissions with questions about the application process.

RN-BSN Track Admission Requirements* 

  • Admission to Queens through Hayworth School of Graduate and Continuing Studies 
  • A minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA on all previous course work and in course prerequisites.  
  • Completion of all prerequisites with a grade of C- or higher (prior to enrollment) 
  • May have no more than 2 prerequisites in progress at the time of application     
  • Evidence of a current unrestricted license to practice as a registered nurse in the state in which you will complete any practice requirements of the program.  

Transfer Credit See the Hayworth School of Graduate and Continuing Studies "Evaluation of Transfer Credit" policy.  

Requirements for the RN-BSN Track:  

Prerequisite courses for the track with credit hours:

  • BIO 120 Microbiology for Health Professions  (with lab) (4)
  • BIO 213 Human Anatomy & Physiology I (with lab) (4)
  • BIO 214 Human Anatomy & Physiology II (with lab) (4)
  • MAT 131 Introductory Statistics for Social Science (4)
  • PSY 101 General Psychology (4)
  • PSY 210 Developmental Psychology (4)
  • QEN 101 Rhetoric and Composition (4)
  • QEN 102 Rhetoric and Argument (4)
  • QLC 120-160 Institutions & Society (4)            

  Transfer credit is evaluated on an individual basis

Application Information:

The RN-BSN track enrolls students as a cohort in the spring semester. Students may choose to apply to the university prior to beginning the track in order to complete outstanding prerequisites.

For more information about applying to the RN-BSN program from your home state, please visit State Authorization of Online Programs.

Contact Information:

For admissions and program-related questions, please send an email to or call 704-337-2314.

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