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International Visa Information

Information Required for Application Process:


Financial Documents & I-20

  • Submit Updated Financial Documents: Affidavit of Support and other financial documents (e.g. bank statements or bank letters) must be no more than 6 months old.
  • Provide personal contact information including mailing address and phone number for your I-20.
  • Provide a copy of your Passport (if applicable).
  • Provide a copy of your Visa (if applicable).
  • Provide a copy of your I-20 (if applicable).

To submit requested information or documents, please contact your admissions counselor.

Visa Information for Admitted Students

Most international students studying at Queens in a full-time academic program do so with an F-1 student visa. Once you have been admitted to Queens and submitted the above documents to the Admission office, the Myrta Pulliam Center for International Education will mail you the form necessary (Form I-20) to apply for the F-1 visa and instructions for applying. ISEP students study on a J-1 student visa. ISEP issues the paperwork (Form DS-2019) necessary to apply for this visa.

International students' responsibilities while in the US on a student visa include:

  • Maintaining a valid passport.
  • Attending the school you are authorized to attend as noted on your I-20/DS-2019.
  • Staying enrolled full time each fall and spring semester
    o   12 credit hours for Bachelors/Undergraduate students
    o   6 credit hours for Masters/Graduate students
  • Ensuring that no more than one course which counts toward full-time enrollment is online
  • Making normal progress towards the completion of your course of study
  • Reporting changes in your major or address to the Pulliam Center right away
  • Not engaging in unauthorized employment

Visas regulations are complicated. If you ever have a question about your visa, please contact the Myrta Pulliam Center for International Education for assistance:

The Myrta Pulliam Center for International Education
103 Knight-Crane Hall               
+1 704-337-2533

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