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2014-2015 Non-Academic Fees

Application Fees

Undergraduate Programs

  • Traditional Undergraduate Program -- $40
  • Hayworth College Program -- $50

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Fine Arts -- $45
  • McColl School of Business -- $75
  • Wayland H. Cato Jr. School of Education -- $40
  • Knight School of Communication -- $40
  • Presbyterian School of Nursing -- $40

Enrollment Deposits

  • Traditional Undergraduate Program* -- $300
  • Hayworth Undergraduate Program -- $300
  • Associate of Science in Nursing -- $250
  • Master of Fine Arts Program -- $300
  • Master of Science in Executive Coaching -- $1,000
  • EMBA -- $1,000

*Traditional Undergraduate Program deposits are refundable before May 1.

Residence Halls

Housing is available for full-time, traditional undergraduates. Family housing is not available. A full listing of Room and Board Fees is available on the Life on Campus page.

Meal Plans

Students living on campus may choose from a variety of Meal Plans. A full listing of options is available on the Life on Campus page.

General Fee

The General Fee is charged to all students and varies in amount based on enrollment status.  This fee enhances a wide range of areas including but not limited to campus facilities, parking and transportation, student programming and activities and general campus safety.

  • Full-Time Comprehensive Traditional Undergraduates, Residential - $470 per semester
  • Full-Time Comprehensive Traditional Undergraduates, Commuter - $420 per semester
  • Part-Time Traditional Undergraduate, Adult Undergraduate & Graduate - $260 per semester

Cable T.V./Internet

Cable T.V. service and Internet access. You must bring your own television and computer. The cost of these services is included in the basic room charge.

Laundry Machines/Microfridges

Each residence hall room has a microwave-refrigerator-freezer appliance. The residence hall buildings have free, state-of-the-art laundry rooms.

Room and Community-Damage

Charges for any room and community damage will be billed to your student account and is due immediately. You may appeal any and all room-damage charges through student housing.

Payment Plan Fees:

  • Monthly installment plan (Self Enrolled) -- $50 per semester
  • Monthly installment plan (Administratively Enrolled) -- $150 per semester
  • Ten month installment plan - $75
  • Tuition-deferment plan -- $250 per semester
  • Late payment fee - $75 per month

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Health and illness insurance - $1,526
  • Athletic insurance -- $300
  • Transcript -- $7.50

Required Health and Illness Insurance

Full-time students paying the comprehensive tuition rate or a full-time or part-time student in the BSN and Accelerated BSN programs are automatically billed for a health and illness insurance plan. To decline participation in and remove charges from an account for this insurance, you must fill out an opt-out verification form online with the university's insurance provider during the first semester of each academic year you're enrolled. Opting out of the health insurance without adequate existing coverage is considered an honor code violation.

Student-athletes have extra insurance requirements, and should contact the athletics department for details.

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