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Student Parking & Transportation

Queens is located in the heart of Charlotte and much of the city is only a short walk or bus ride away, however we do allow our incoming students to bring a vehicle to campus if they so wish. All incoming residential students will be allowed to park on main campus in the residential parking deck. Commuter students will be allowed to park on main campus in commuter parking. Check out Student Parking and Transportation for more details. 

All student vehicles must have a Queens parking decal. Parking decals will be distributed in the fall. 

To receive your parking permit, follow these steps:

  1. Before you arrive on campus, Register their vehicle online. 

    To register you will need the following information:

    · License plate number and state of registration
    ·Name of the registered owner
    ·Relationship of the driver to the registered owner
    ·Address under which the vehicle is registered
  2. Print the Vehicle Registration Form.
  3. Bring the printed campus vehicle registration form and your official state approved vehicle registration to Campus Police.  

For more information about student parking and transportation, contact Public Safety and Campus Police.

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