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Student Success Stories

Have you always had a curiosity of the inner workings of the human body? Have you recently developed an interest in law? Have you, since you were a little boy or girl, felt like you were born to teach? Some people realize their dreams when they're toddlers; others recognize their dreams a bit later in life.

What are you destined to be? No matter where you are in this process or in what field your goals may lay, Queens University of Charlotte can help you reach your dreams.

Check out what some of our recent alums are doing now.

Rebekah Davis

Rebekah Davis Ahrens ’00

Washington, D.C.

After Queens, Rebekah went on to earn graduate degrees at Hong Kong University and l'Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris. She now serves as a Diplomat in the U.S. Foreign Service in Seoul, South Korea.

Chris Miller

Chris Miller ’04

Charlotte, NC

From crime to politics to breaking news, Chris covers all of Charlotte’s top stories as a morning reporter on News-Talk 1100 WBT radio.

Brian Murph

Brian Murph ’07

Orangeburg, SC
Computer Information Systems

Brian’s position as a lead software consultant for Hewlett-Packard took him all over the United States. He’s now a senior project and portfolio management consultant for Capgemini, another top consulting firm.

“Queens is a close-knit university that allows you to have the freedom of being in college and having a support system to keep you disciplined while having fun.”

Maria Steelman

Maria Steelman ’07

Saint Paul, MN

Maria, a practicing registered nurse, recently traveled to Rwanda with a surgical team to assist in 13 open heart surgeries. When the power went off during a procedure on a young man, Maria was tasked with keeping his heart beating by rhythmically contracting it in her hands.

“I will never be able to put into words what I felt. It was an out-of- body experience, like I was watching someone else’s hands hold this magnificent, beautiful organ. Excitement, anxiousness, and disbelief were pumping though my own heart. It was the longest 20 minutes of my entire life.”

Nicole Lamberson

Nicole Lamberson ’08

Noblesville, IN
Political Science

Nicole is making her mark on the nation’s capital as research director to the general counsel in the Office of the Vice President at the White House.

“The most rewarding experience at Queens was the time I spent studying abroad in Hong Kong . . . Without my experiences, I never would have applied for an internship at the Democratic National Committee, and without that internship, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Armah Shiancoe

Armah Shiancoe ’09

Business Administration

Armah is an entrepreneur who founded LastDays Clothing Company - a growing fashion line that specializes in organic, sustainable apparel.

Caitlin Bower

Caitlin Bower ’09

Charlotte, NC

Caitlin excels when it comes to molding young minds. She edged out 84 other nominees to win the First Year Teacher of the Year Award for elementary school teachers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

"I love making learning authentic for my students. I believe in an interactive classroom. I always want to push the limits and find a new way to present information."

Stephanie Phipps

Stephanie Phipps ’09

Cullowhee, NC
International Studies

Stephanie was inspired to join the Peace Corps after studying abroad with Queens’ John Belk International Program. She’s in Nicaragua working to solve some of the country’s critical public health issues.

Tyler Rauch

Tyler Rauch ’09

Lake Mary, FL

Tyler impressed his colleagues at Ford Motor Company so much during an internship his junior year that he was later offered a job with the automotive giant’s Corporate Staffs Finance Department.

“I learned about the inner workings of a company [during that internship]. I even helped redesign a 30-year-old check request system. Through all those experiences, I learned how self-discipline truly separates professionals from college students.”
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