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Alumni Association

Susan McConnellSusan McConnell, '83 President, Alumni Association

Welcome to the Queens Alumni Association!  You are part of a distinct group of over 15,000 alumni across the country and the world that were impacted by their time spent at Queens.

The long-term impact that Queens will play in your life is directly correlated to how much you put in to it.  The Queens Alumni Association is your connection and your voice with our alma mater and it is my hope that you and Queens will continue to grow and thrive.  To assist with that, the Association facilitates the exchange of ideas, hosts activities in many locations and provides alumni with opportunities to network both socially and professionally.  It means databases are available which allow you to locate classmates.  It also means that through newsletters, Facebook and Twitter, you can know what is happening at Queens and continue to feel connected.

Take a moment to look through these webpages to see how you can get involved as an alumni volunteer and continue to build upon the history and tradition that makes Queens so special.

Warm regards,

Susan McConnell '83
President, Alumni Association

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