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Queens Alumna turns passion into profession

Carly Baker '11 had a different experience than most traditional college students.  She spent her time at Queens taking classes while holding a full-time position as a nanny.  While she adored the children, her real passion came through when she found herself assisting around the house.  Organizing, running errands, picking up and any other odd jobs kept the household running. 

Upon her graduation, it became a natural progression for Carly to start her own business, MilyMap, a personal service company created to assist busy families.  Carly now helps families get organized in every sense of the word.  Decluttering, organizing, personal shopping, event planning, birthday parties and even serving as a personal assistant, MilyMap covers it all.   

How did she get here?  Carly credits Queens.  She had the opportunity not only to take her required business classes, but also explore political science and international studies classes as well.  Even today, she comes back to meet with faculty who helped guide her on the business side.  "Everything good in my life came from Queens.  The professors take a personal interest in you and taught me that there is a way to be happy and do what you love."  

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