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From Queens to Cambridge

Although five decades separate them, Lindsay Collins '11 and Penny Moffett Robson '60 discover they have much in common.

Lindsay Collins is a graduate student at Oxford University. She keeps in touch with friends and faculty from Queens via Skype and Facebook. When she discovered that Penny Moffett Robson '60 was living in nearby Cambridge, she connected with her and later spent a weekend at her home.

"It was an amazing feeling to know that I wasn't too far from a fellow Queens grad and a pleasant surprise to find out we were both ADPis from Beta Iota Chapter at Queens," she says. "It was a very special experience that I won't forget."

Lindsay majored in history and English literature at Queens and is working on her dissertation on Friedrich Schmitt, a German soldier during WWII who immigrated to the United States and became a civil rights activist for African Americans, youth and immigrants. Her dissertation focuses on his life during the Third Reich and why he eventually resigned from the SS. After majoring in music at Queens, Penny went to Cambridge to continue her studies. She plays several instruments and especially loves the organ.

Lindsay says her experiences at Queens inspired her to dream bigger. "Queens taught me the inherent value of education," she says. "It's more than a future job or making your parents happy." She says it provides the foundation of knowledge and in the process, changes those who receive it. "We become better people," she explains. Then she adds, "[It is] a privilege none of us should take for granted."
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