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Melissa Poole '05 serves up special deliveries

Melissa Poole had dreamed of being a nurse and traveling abroad since she was a young girl.  After a high school teacher told her about a school where her daughter went, Queens University of Charlotte, Melissa was intrigued to hear about a small school with a broad base.

  Happy to have found the complete package in Queens (a nursing program, great location, friendly faces on campus, study abroad and a Presidential Scholar offer), Melissa left her home in Atlanta to spend her next four years in Charlotte. 

Being the first double major in Nursing and Spanish, Melissa spent a lot of time hitting the books to make it happen.  Four years later, as valedictorian of her class from Queens, she recalled, "I wanted to get through my college years with no regrets."  She did just that.

During her junior year, Melissa had a pivotal point in her education.  She was in a labor and delivery rotation at CMC when she got called in to an emergency birth.  There was no time for an interpreter to be contacted, so Melissa translated for the patient and her family.  As a result of being in the right place at the right time, she received a job offer on the spot to become a scrub tech at CMC.   

During her time at Queens, she had spent two months in Guatemala in the John Belk International immersion program where she shadowed a midwife, exposing her to what would one day become her career. 

Melissa graduated, passed her nursing boards and quickly became and labor and delivery nurse at CMC where she worked until October 2011.  During her tenure at CMC, she entered school to become a certified midwife while working 12-hour shifts.  She completed her midwifery degree in the fall of 2011 and moved to Washington, D.C. where she is now working in a clinic that serves a mainly Hispanic population, as well as medically underserved families. 

Melissa gives much credit to her education at Queens as well as the faculty whom she remains close with, for her success in nursing.  She looks forward to her career expanding as she will soon be on call to deliver babies at one of the busiest clinics in the country. 

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