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Recent Alum Joey Haynes earns international teaching job

Joey Haynes is taking full advantage of the International Studies degree he earned at Queens in May 2011.  At only 23 years old, Haynes is a Kindergarten and Elementary ESL teacher at Wonderland School across the globe in Korea.

Growing up in the small town of Union, W. Va., Haynes had never travelled internationally before coming to Queens.  Another Queens Alum, Wes Pitts, who also taught in Korea after graduation, told Haynes it was a great opportunity.

"I knew I wanted to travel, and after hearing what a wonderful experience Wes had, I knew I wanted to go to Korea." Haynes said.

Haynes is currently preparing his students for graduation performances in February.  He chose a "Magic School Bus" and "Smurfs" theme for the students to perform to including English dialogue, dancing and singing.

While Haynes is having a blast planning graduation festivities, learning the Korean language, Hangul, has been a struggle.
"It's an amazing language, but so hard." Haynes said. "I will be beginning Hangul lessons next month and have looked into Hangul immersion programs, but I know it will take several years to be able to communicate fluently."

Although Haynes knew during college that he wanted to travel after graduation, Queens helped him focus the purpose of travel to be more service oriented.  After his teaching contract is up in Korea, he has hopes of volunteering at a refugee camp in Thailand and for a Non-Governmental Organization in India that helps rescue women from sex slavery.

Haynes hasn't decided whether he will extend his teaching contract another year or possibly go to graduate school in Korea, but he is excited for what the future holds and what doors will open.

"I really have no clear next move, but I do know that I want to continue exploring and embracing the unknown and unfamiliar!"
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