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Literary Arts

Literary Arts

The traditions of story-telling and poetry are old, reaching back before writing to oral traditions and cave walls. We require stories in order to explore the human condition. In literature, we recognize ourselves, empathize with others, and discover the possibilities of language. Each year, Queens makes invaluable contributions to the literary life of the city. Our campus has recently welcomed Pulitzer-Prize winners, a poet laureate, best-selling authors and talented new voices. Writers are drawn to Charlotte by the Queens Master of Fine Arts Creative Writing Program, the English Department Reading Series, and the Friends of the Library at Queens.

Study Writing and Literature

The MFA in Creative Writing Program, begun in 2001, has rapidly grown into one of the most successful low-residency programs in the country, with some of the most accomplished writers in America on its faculty. At the undergraduate level, Queens offers three majors leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree: English-Creative Writing, English-Literature, and Drama. The programs in writing and in literature are available in evening as well as during the day. A Certificate in Creative Writing is available through Continuing Education. 

Get Involved

Friends of the Library at Queens hosts annual events of interest to those who love to read and who celebrate in the fellowship of books and ideas. This group provides sponsors social and literary events, also providing support and resources to Everett Library at Queens.

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Senior Art Show

The Arts at Queens and the The Art Department celebrate our graduating students as they come together in their senior year to showcase their many talents in this exhibition of graphic art and interior design.  View Event

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2017 Friends of the Library Annual Meeting

Featuring Dr. Robert Whalen, Queens University Professor of History View Event

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