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Friends of Music

Friends of Music


Chamber music may be seen to reflect the human being at its highest potential


The Friends of Music recognizes chamber music as a medium of artistic expression that embraces an intimacy of expression.  At its best, chamber music is what one may describe as "the ideal democracy." In fact, chamber music is defined as music which is written for two to approximately ten performers, with the stipulation that only one player performs each part, normally without a conductor. (This is different than an orchestra, where there are several players per part, normally with a conductor who makes all the musical decisions.)

This allows each performer an equal say in the production of all aspects of the performance.  The "ideal" quality extends to the ultimate moment, The Performance! This is when each participant, regardless of how well or not agreeable the inter-relationships between the personalities may be, must be equally responsible for the finest presentation of the product possible at every moment. The result must be at the highest level, regardless. Egos must be completely abandoned to the performance.

And so, chamber music may be seen to reflect the human being at its highest potential - politically, personally, artistically.  As the Friends of Music Chamber Music Series at Queens embraces all genres of music which is presented without conductor, one player to a part, including the "classical" composers, Bluegrass, the Blues, Jazz genres and beyond, it is these ideals as well as the wonderful concerts, the educational programs and the assistance to the Music Department at Queens, that the Friends of Music aspires to bring to the quality of life in the greater Charlotte community.  ~ Dr. Paul Nitsch, Artist-in-Residence

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All concerts are held in the E.H. Little Fine Arts Center Dana Auditorium and Pre-Concert Dinners are held in the Claudia Belk Dining Hall in the Trexler Student Center at 6:30pm before each concert (limited space available)

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