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Give to Queens

University Advancement is most widely known for its focus on private fund raising.  However, the overall mission of University Advancement is to advance the institution in a variety of ways:

  • Promote understanding of Queens.   Those who know Queens already are aware of its high-quality faculty, their close working relationships with students, and the university's outstanding academic programs.  But one of Queens' strengths - our small size - has in the past limited our visibility to a broader audience.  Part of University Advancement's mission is to help the university become more widely known and understood.  We have a wonderful story to tell.
  • Build relationships that last.  We realize that to encourage people to support our institution, they first need to feel informed, and then they need to feel like they have an opportunity to get involved. That is the focus of our Alumni Programs and Annual Giving unit: to engage alumni, parents, and friends in the life of Queens in creative and meaningful ways. This involvement is crucial and must be effective before financial support occurs, but it is equally important that it be maintained after an investment is made.
  • Obtain private support.  The choice to give is an understandably personal decision, and we believe that if we share the Queens message and provide opportunities for involvement, a potential donor will be encouraged to give. Our Development unit helps identify and make proposals to all types of potential donors, including individuals, corporations and foundations.  When gifts are obtained, we then assure that they are properly acknowledged and used as the donor intends.

Our entire University Advancement team hopes you will find this section of the Queens website valuable as you learn more about our institution, and perhaps consider creative ways to invest in our future. We hope you will join many others who are making this university one of the finest in the Southeast and Give to Queens.

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