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Named Scholarship Funds

Generous endowed and annual scholarship gifts from alumni, friends, foundations and corporations allow Queens to provide merit- and need-based financial support to more than 350 students each year. For information on establishing a named scholarship fund or contributing to an existing scholarship, please contact Lizz Clegg, Director of Donor Relations, at or 704-337-2493. 

Endowed Scholarships

Alberta Brown Foil Memorial Scholarship
Alice Barron Pearce Scholarship
Alma Orr Cordle Scholarship
American Express Scholarship
American Schlafhorst Scholarship
Ann Everett Belk Scholarship
Ann Vandiver O'Quinn Scholarship
Annabel Jones Link Scholarship
Annabel Lambeth Jones Presidential Scholarship
Annie Derham Cato and Wayland H. Cato, Sr. Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Berniece Tomberlin Warlick Baird Scholarship
Bertha Frey Scholarship
Bessie Flowe Redd Scholarship
Betty Belk Pratt Sutton Scholarship
Bill Berry Endowed Fellowship
Billy O. Wireman Presidential Scholarship
Blair Sisters Nursing Scholarship
Brooks Family Scholarship
C. E. Hutchison Scholarship
Carla Miller King Scholarship
Carol G. Belk Scholarship
Caroline Mann Scholarship
Carolyn Bishop Thornhill Scholarship
Carolyn M. Jones Scholarship
Cato Scholars
Centennial Class of '57 Scholarship
Challen Scholarship
Charles A. Dana Scholarship
Charles H. & Clara McKay Stone Scholarship
Charles M. Reed Endowed Scholarship
Charlotte Alumnae Panhellenic Council Endowed Scholarship
Charlotte BusinessWoman of the Year Graduate Fellowship
Charlotte BusinessWoman of the Year Undergraduate Legacy Fellowship
Charlotte R. Kay Endowed Scholarship
Charlotte Regional Safety & Health School Scholarship
Clara H. Carswell Scholarship
Class of 1956 Scholarship
Class of 1958 International Scholarship
Clifford and Lillian McKenna Scholarship
Clyda Stokes Rent Fellowship
Col. J. Norman Pease and Anne Pease Gaskell Scholarship
Connally S. Rogers Scholarship
Credit Suisse First Boston Scholarship
Crowder Family Scholarship
Cynthia Spraker Mills '84 Presidential Scholarship
Cynthia Haldenby Tyson Endowed Faculty Scholarship
Cynthia K. Stroupe Scholarship
D. J. Thurston, Jr. Nursing Scholarship
Dalton-Hutchinson Scholarship
David Gilchrist Jones Presidential Scholarship
Dent & Clarice Cato Goodyear Companion Animal Lover Endowed Scholarship
Donald Drake and Lucille Chapman McNeill Family Scholarship
Donna Hanson Gillespie Scholarship
Doris Jane Moore Maxwell Scholarship
Dorothea Fairweather West Endowed Scholarship
Dorothy Cranford Dorton Scholarship
Dorothy Folger Pence Scholarship
Dorothy Hirsch Gutmann Scholarship for Music Therapy
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin D. Childers, Jr. Scholarship
Dr. Andrew Blair Scholarship
Dr. Elizabeth Blair Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Frederick H. Taylor, Sr. Nursing Scholarship
Dr. J. Elizabeth Garraway Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Ronald and Barbara Shiffler Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Virginia L. Martin Endowed Science Scholarship
E. Lee Stoffel Scholarship
Eleanor Hayes & James Harper Barnhardt Presidential Scholarship
Elizabeth Maynard Rivers Scholarship
Elizabeth McGeachy Ernst '57 Endowed Scholarship
Ellen Brantley Heath Scholarship
Emily and Henry Massey Scholarship
Eugene & Thelma M. Andrews Scholarship
Evelyn Deal Scholarship
Flora B. Wilmoth Scholarship
Florence Fox Butler Scholarship
Frances and Virginia L. Barrett Scholarship
Frances Carroll McColl Presidential Scholarship
Frances DeArmon Evans Scholarship
Frances Masten Mabe Scholarship
George A. Shealy Art Scholarship
George Stegner Music Scholarship
George V. Reddin Entrepreneurial Scholarship
Gertrude M. Norman Scholarship
Gilchrist Nursing Scholarship
Glaxo Women in Science Scholarship
Grace and Ivan Chambers Memorial Music Scholarship
Grace W. Blair Scholarship in Nursing
Graeme Wearn Henderson and Rebecca Carr Henderson Presidential Scholarship
H. Watson Stewart Scholarship
Harman Scholarship
Harold V. Moon Scholarship
Harriet A. Seabrook Endowed Scholarship
Harriet and Bill Barnhardt Scholarship
Helen Ellis Scholarship
Helene Fuld Health Trust Scholarship for Baccalaureate Nursing Students
Holland Family Scholarship
Hope & Pat Hall Scholarship
Hugh L. McColl, Sr. Scholarship
Hugh McColl, Sr. Fellowship
Ian Banwell Minority Entrepreneur Scholarship
Isabelle W. Trexler Scholarship
James Glenn Music Scholarship
James Knox and Jean Trueworthy Batten Scholarship
James P. Grey Scholarship
James W. and Shirley L. McLaughlin Family Scholarship
Jean Marie Torrence Scholarship
Jean Taylor Blaylock '60 Scholarship
Jennie Eloise McFadyen Roberts Scholarship
Jo Dewitt Endowed International Adventurer Scholarship
Joan H. Zimmerman Entrepreneurial Scholarship
John H. Sykes Scholarship

John P. Derham Cato Endowed Scholarship
John T. and Elizabeth A. Kelly Scholarship
Joseph E. Lammers Scholarship
Joy Godfrey Gault Scholarship
Judith Cochrane Gilman Presidential Scholarship
Judith Napier Allison '70 Scholarship
Judy Moore Leonard Leadership in Service Award
Julia Crews McGee Scholarship
Julia Jones Scholarship
Karen Rabon Broyhill Scholarship
Kathryn & Norris Preyer Scholarship
Kathryn A. Browning Scholarship
Kathryn Taylor Grigg Presidential Scholarship
Kay Overturf Scholarship
Kelly Irene Osleger '04 Endowed Scholarship
Laura Janette Quattlebaum Scholarship
Lauren Nicole Carter '13 Scholarship
Lawrie Clark Sherill Scholarship
Loma Squires Scholarship
Lou Finch Jones Scholarship
Lucille Finch Jones Presidential Scholarship
M. Mellanay Delhom Art Scholarship
Madeline L. McMullen Scholarship
Margaret J. Witherspoon Scholarship
Marguerite T. Kreshon, R.N. Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Mariam Cannon Hayes Education Endowment Scholarship
Martha Petteway Cooper Endowed Scholarship
Mary Blankenship Kennedy Scholarship
Mary F. Ross Scholarship
Mary T. Staton Scholarship
Mary W. & Foster G. McGaw Scholarship
Mary W. McGaw Scholarship
Maurice B. Landers Scholarship
May Ervin Wall Scholarship
Mercer Scholarship
Merrill Lynch & Company, Inc. Scholarship
Michael W. Murphy '95 Endowed Scholarship
Mildred Morse McEwen Memorial Scholarship
Mitzi Plonk Folk '56 Scholarship
Minor Foundation Scholarship
Montgomery Scholarship
Morgan Stanley Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Cannon Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Stowe Scholarship
Myers Park Homeowners Association Scholarship
Nalle Clinic Foundation Nursing Scholarship
Nancy Boeckmann Kirk Scholarship
Naomi G. Albanese MBA Scholarship
Nelle Evans Nye Scholarship
Noble Endowed Fellowship
Ophelia Hart Cranford Scholarship
Oscar Lee & Rose Evans Miller Scholarship
Pauline Lewis Endowed Fellowship
Peggy Thomas Hibbert Scholarship
Philip A. Moose Scholarship
Philip L. Van Every Presidential Scholarship
Porter B. Byrum Scholarship
Porter/Johnson/Crown Art Scholarship
PriceWaterhouseCoopers Scholarship
Queens/Davidson Service Scholarship
R. Ronald & Nancy Bean Glenn Scholarship
Rankin-Cunningham Scholarship
Reece A. Overcash Fellowship
Robert A. Moore Pediatric Scholarship
Robert Emmet Davies, Sr. Scholarship
Robert Knowles Communication Scholarship
Robin and Blaine Hawkins Scholarship
Robinson-Humphrey Co. Scholarship
Rosa Neel Evans Scholarship
Rosalie Cassels International Scholarship
Rose Grubb Daniel Scholarship
Ruth and L. Dan Kay, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Sallie Moore Lowrance '70 Endowed Trustee Scholarship
Sally Carson Dowd Nursing Scholarship
Salomon Brothers Scholarship
Sandifer-Newbold Nursing Scholarship
Sara Doll Burgess Scholarship
Sarah Locke Blythe Scholarship
Scruggs Scholarship
Shackleford Scholarship
Shelton Scholarship
Shirley Jean Schooler Scholarship
Shirley Tison Ward '49 Endowed Presidential Scholarship
Snyder Family Scholarship
Stanley N. Ausbrooks Nursing Scholarship
Sue Fields Ross '61 Endowed Scholarship
T. M. Barnhardt Scholarship
Tess Gary Memorial Scholarship
Thelma Albright Scholarship
Travis W. Stewart '47 Music Scholarship
Trexler Foundation Scholarship
Trimble Scholarship
Van and Jean King Scholarship
Van Ness Hamrick Musical Scholarship
Virgilia Cole Moore Presidential Scholarship
Virginia Vance Presidential Scholarship
W. T. Raby Scholarship
Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz Scholarship
Wayland H. Cato, Jr. School of Education Endowed Scholarship
Wearn Endowed Scholarship
Wendy Waite Communication Scholarship
William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship
William Randolph Hearst Foundation Nursing Scholarship
Willie Choate Hampton Presidential Scholarship
Willie Hines Gwaltney Scholarship
Willie Mae Allen Scholarship
Wilmer B. and Evelyn T. Young Memorial Mecklenburg Scholarship
Winifred Pons Ramsay Memorial Scholarship
Wolfensohn Scholarship
Worth Stewart Scholarship

Annual Scholarships

Adelaide Anderson Davis '61 Presidential Scholarship
Alex Hemby Presidential Scholarship
Angeline and Ellison Clinton Scholarship
BB&T Charitable Foundation Scholarship
Betty Griffin and Eula Shull Scholarship
Blumenthal Fellowship
Carol Douglas Gratitude Scholarship
Carstarphen Family Foundation Nursing Scholarship
Christine Snyder Wellons Scholarship
Christy and Otis Crowder Scholarship
Dowd Presidential Scholarship
Duke Energy Scholarship
Erin Sizer '83 Memorial Scholarship
Everett Foundation Fund for Student Financial Difficulties
Foster G. McGaw Nursing Scholarship
Frances McClain Music Therapy Second Degree Scholarship
Gates Millenium Scholarship
Ginter Fellowship
Golden Door Scholarship
Harvard Business School Alumni Association of Charlotte Executive MBA Scholarship
Harvey and Adrienne Gossett Scholarship
Helene Fuld Health Trust Annual Scholarship for Baccalaureate Nursing Students

Herschel H. & Cornelia N. Everett Fellowship
Hollowell Scholarship
Jane Tallman Hausch '62 Scholarship
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Nursing Scholarship
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Scholarship
Levine Presidential Scholarship
Mariam Cannon Hayes '37 Memorial Scholarship
McColl Board Scholarship
Michael W. Murphy '95 Annual Scholarship
Pat & B. D. Rodgers Scholarship
Pat and Mark Van Doninck Nursing Scholarship
Piedmont Club Nursing Scholarship
Robert & Sadie Anderson Scholarship
Sandra Levine Scholarship
Spencer and Susan Lueders 24 Hours of Booty Scholarship
Street-Harris Presidential Scholarship
Tamea Greer Price '79 Scholarship
The Golden LEAF Foundation Scholarship
UPS Foundation Scholarship
Wells Fargo Foundation Scholarship
WINGS Scholarship Fund

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