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Alumni rise to Queens’ Fund Challenge

Thank you for your generosity to Queens in the 2011-2012 fiscal year!


I am pleased to announce that support of The Queens Fund from alumni, family and friends exceeded last year. $1,987,993 was contributed to The Queens Fund, benefitting student scholarships, a 2% increase over 2010-2011. 

Congratulations to Queens alumni for meeting the $25,000 Challenge! Thanks to the anonymous donor who put forth this challenge, Queens alumni were inspired to give back in greater numbers this year.  1,840 alumni donors was the goal to meet the Challenge and we hit 1,933 on June 30.  32% of undergraduate alumni contributed to Queens this year - a 3% increase in our alumni giving percentage. Your gifts made a impact across the university for Queens' students. 

Thank you for demonstrating your commitment to the Queens community. The students want to thank you as well for your philanthropy to Queens. Enjoy this video filled with their gratitude. 

Susan McConnell '83
2011-2012 Annual Giving Chair

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