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'Investing in Queens' will transform campus

On Oct. 14, 2010, Queens announced that its Investing in Queens' Future campaign has raised $86 million toward its $100 million goal.

Campaign funds have already been used to build the Sports Complex and increase scholarship dollars, but that is only the beginning of the story. Ultimately the campaign will fund the construction of the Rogers Science and Health Building and the Levine Center for Wellness and Recreation, as well as more campus improvements and additional scholarships.

At an Oct. 14 event, President Pamela Davies thanked donors for their extraordinary generosity and asked for continued support to reach the campaign goal: "It all comes down to our students. They have big dreams for their lives and for how they can change the world. When we dream big for Queens, we honor their dreams, and set them on the path to success."

Several students shared how Queens has shaped their dreams for the future. Will Ward '11, a Leonard Scholar and Communication major from Charlotte, told the audience how studying the concept of a noble life in the core curriculum has inspired him to pursue a vocation through which he can serve others. 

Ten years after he originally attended college, John Lambert is studying business at the Hayworth College for Adult Studies and said, "All of my professors are leaders in their fields, and I am benefitting from their real-life experience and their willingness to share it through teaching."

Gabrielle Kelleher, a first-year Presidential Scholar, talked about learning that she had received a scholarship that would enable her to attend Queens: "From the first time I visited, I could picture myself here. I know I will have opportunities here that I wouldn't have had anywhere else."

Even Board Chairman Ben Jenkins shared his own inspirational learning experience at Queens this semester, taking two art history courses with Dr. Siu Challons Lipton.

All of those experiences, and Queens' campaign success to date, are made possible by Queens volunteers and donors. Kathie Taylor Grigg '87 served as Royal Society Chair in 2009-2010, and announced a record-breaking year in which the Queens Fund exceeded its goal of $1.8 million. Since every gift to the Queens Fund supports scholarships, this year more students will have support to enable them to afford a Queens education. 

Beth Rivers Curry '63, MBA '83 and her husband Ravenel Curry run an investment firm and also serve as  Co-chairs of the Campaign Steering Committee, and she shared their unique perspective: "Our strategy is simple, in business and in our philanthropic endeavors:  identify strong managements with strategic vision and products with unlimited potential, and invest only when we uncover extraordinary unrecognized value. Queens meets all of our criteria."

Every gift to the campaign counts, at whatever level you can afford. Please consider Investing in Queens' Future.

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