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McColl School Donor Spotlight

We hope that as alumni, you will choose to support your alma mater by contributing to the Excellence Fund. Not only are you giving deserving students the opportunity of a lifetime; you are contributing to our growth as a business school and adding to the power of your degree.

Giving to the McColl School is an investment in the faculty, staff and future students. It is a way to show your commitment and support of the program. Read below to see why others feel it is one of the best investments you can make. 

McColl School Alumni Answer the Question "Why do You Give?"

Amber Picture

"I fondly remember our collaborative learning experiences together and how interacting with my fellow classmates contributed to my personal and professional growth.  From our challenging group projects to our coaching triads, I gained experience, knowledge, and confidence from our time together in the MSOD program - and I apply it daily in my work.  I'm grateful for my McColl School experience - and for having met many amazing people on my journey.  I want to pay this forward to future students, and I hope you'll join me."

Amber Lineback, MSOD '11 

Jon Elliott

"Giving to the McColl School Excellence Fund is an easy way for me to endorse my alma mater and the leadership focused programs they provide to both students and alumni. I know my gift is put to work right away and helps promote the McColl Scholl, recruit perspective students, and add value to my degree. My employer matches my gift allowing it to double the impact it has on the program. I am proud to support the McColl School and its Excellence Fund. My contributions to the McColl School have made a difference. Yours will too."

John Elliott, EMBA '07 

Ashley Lingerfeldt

"The McColl School Excellence Fund afforded me the opportunity to attend Queens and gain the most from my  MBA experience. As a graduate of the McColl MBA program I continue to see the wonderful benefits that come from being part of the McColl School Alumni Association. I donate to the McColl School Excellence Fund so we can continue to recruit the best and brightest students and afford them the same opportunities.    My hope is that by attracting strong talent to the McColl School we can strengthen the value of our degree and the value of our alumni network." 

Ashley Lingerfeldt, PMBA '13 

Casey Zaitz

"I was privileged to graduate from the McColl School of Business in the first graduating class of the MS in Organization Development.  My experience at the McColl School was inspiring, motivating, and thought-provoking.  It challenged my intellectual curiosity and sparked a passion in a field that was both new and exciting to me.  My experience was so rewarding, both professionally and personally, that I wanted a way to share this experience with someone else.  Giving to the McColl School Excellence Fund allows me to give back to the very place that helped me achieve my goals and helps someone else to reach theirs.  Not only does my contribution help future students, it helps the McColl School graduate programs compete for the best and brightest students to maintain the prestige our school has earned over the years.”

Casey Zaitz, MSOD ’09

Rasmus Pederson

"The education and experience I received at the McColl School of Business is one of my proudest accomplishments. The least I can do in return is support the Excellence Fund to open the window of opportunity for other students striving to be our future business leaders. I will always be grateful for being a part of Queens University of Charlotte, which has given me the golden key to open up many exciting doors both personally and for my business."

Dawn Newsome, PMBA '07

To make a gift to the McColl School Excellence Fund, click on the "Give to Queens" button to the left, or contact Patrick Lynch,  Director of McColl School Excellence Fund, at 704 688-2703 or

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