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How to Secure an Internship

With support from the Internship & Career Programs office, students are responsible to obtain their own internships in order to practice the skills required for real world job search.  Available resources include:

  • Queens Online Job Board (inquire with the Internship & Career Programs office for registration information)
  • One-on-one career advising
  • Interview assistance
  • Career events
  • Resume and cover letter reviews
  • Networking opportunities

Interning Abroad

John Belk International Program (JBIP)

Students can take advantage of one of several internship options available through the Center for International Education (CIE) and may also use this as their JBIP experience. Students who complete an international internship through CIE must adhere to all health and safety regulations of the JBIP program (found in the JBIP handbook on MyQueens), and meet all deadlines laid out by the CIE and ICP office.  Internships are generally 4-8 weeks in length. In some cases internships can be extended for an additional cost.

Elizabeth Dalton International Internship Scholarship

The Elizabeth Dalton International Internship Scholarship is awarded to rising juniors and seniors interested in gaining career related experiential learning abroad. Preference is given to students academically eligible for Queens internship courses with approved internship contracts and completed information forms from the Internships & Career Programs and CIE offices. Awards vary based on student need and availability of funds.

For more information about international internships available through the Center for International Education.

Sample Internship Timeline and Key Milestones (Fall semester used as an example)

July 15 or before: Begin applying and interviewing for internship opportunities.
August 5: Accept an employer's internship offer.
August 9: Register for the appropriate internship course (INT 401, 402, 403, 404 or 405)
August 10: Review Internship Program and Course Policies and work with your employer to complete the Internship Contract.
August 20: The Internship & Career Programs office approves your Internship Contract. If some element cannot be approved (for example, if the start date does not fall within the current semester or the learning objectives are not in line with your professional goals), the Internship & Career Programs office will contact you.
August 25: First day of internship.
October 15: Employer conducts a Midpoint Check; an evaluation of the progress of your internships and review of your stated learning objectives.
December 1: Deadline for employer and student evaluations.

Queens Internship Program information is subject to change without notice.

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