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Campus Recreation

Outdoor Education

Campus Recreation, a new addition to Student Life at Queens University of Charlotte, is dedicated to encouraging students to live active lifestyles. Campus Recreation includes outdoor adventure trips, recreation gear rental,  and outdoor/recreation education programming.

Recreation Gear Rental:
Members of the Queens University of Charlotte are able to rent gear for free from the Levine Center for Wellness and Recreation front desk. To check out gear, one must turn in their student ID to be returned when the gear is returned in the same condition it was checked out in. Any gear that is lost, stolen, or damaged will be charged to the student's account. The gear list is always growing, but currently includes:
- Basketballs
- Soccer Balls
- Dodge/Kick Balls
- Footballs
- Volleyballs
- Flag Football kits
- Soccer goals
- Locks for Lockers
- Frisbees
- Disc Golf Discs
- Indoor Hockey Equipment
- Badmitton set
- Grass volleyball set
- Kickball/Wiffle ball bases
- Wiffle ball set
- Yoga Mats
- Tug 'o War

We also offer some items that can be rented for extended periods for a small refundable deposit:
- Tents
- Sleeping Bags
- Can Jam
- Corn Hole
- Coolers
- and more.

Outdoor Adventure Trips:
Only a few hours from the Smokey Mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway or the NC/SC Beaches, the location of Queens University of Charlotte allows for numerous outdoor adventure opportunities. Throughout the year the office of Campus Recreation provides trips to showcase the wonderful outdoor adventures that exist. Most of these trips are possible with a minimal fee to the students, but the fun and excitement they receive are well worth the cost. Some of our most popular trips are the annual ski trip, day trips to the U.S. National Whitewater Center (, turtle watching/beach cleanup weekends, hiking/canoeing trips, and indoor climbing trips.

Outdoor Education Programs:
The Outdoor Education programs are available to all students, faculty and staff to provide education outside the classroom. From "Leave no Trace" camping to survival tips to animal recognition/tracking, the Outdoor Education programs provide participants with the skills needed to be successful in the wild, as well as to have a good time and experience new and exciting areas of recreation.

All Campus Recreation activities allow for a variety of ability levels where students join together to learn about themselves, their community, and their world. Students often discover new interests that provide lifelong enjoyment!

For more information about Campus Recreation, contact Patrick Motter, Director of Campus Recreation, at (704) 337-2455.

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