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Benefits of Living on Campus

Benefits of Living on Campus

Why Live on Campus? 
Queens University of Charlotte has instituted a three-year residency requirement that greatly benefits our student body. National research says that living on campus contributes to greater overall satisfaction with and success in college. This research shows that students living on campus:

  1. are more satisfied with their living environments;
  2. are more likely to graduate and to enter graduate school;
  3. meet more diverse people;
  4. are exposed to a wider range of ideas and cultures;
  5. develop greater artistic interests;
  6. develop strong interpersonal skills;
  7. finish college in less time;
  8. have more contact with faculty and other students;
  9. are more likely to have greater self esteem.

Living on campus puts you within walking distance of your classes, labs, the library, theaters, concerts, and Uptown Charlotte. Instead of driving hours a week, you could use that time for academic and social activities. 

Academic Success
Living on campus plays an important part in higher Grade Point Averages (GPAs) and here are just a few reasons:

  1. You will have the chance to live with people of common interest and majors.
  2. You will have a personal, high-speed Internet connection in your room.
  3. All Residence Halls observe nightly quiet hours to create an environment conducive to studying.
  4. Residence Hall staff members organize programs that enhance and develop necessary skills for academic success.
  5. Study groups often meet in many Residence Halls.

Living on campus will provide you with many leadership opportunities.  These experiences will prepare you for life after Queens. 

By walking down the hall, you will meet people from all around the country and world. You'll form study groups and join intramural teams. Making lifelong friends will only take a moment. Our Resident Assistant team hosts a wide variety of activities including movies, outings, parties, cultural events, guest speakers, sports, and impromptu gatherings. 

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