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For Parents

Greetings from the Department of Residence Life!  This is a tough time for you,  but a crucial time in your student's development.  You want to encourage their autonomy, but when you get the opportunity to "check in," the questions below can help promote conversation about difficult topics.

  1. Where do you study? Whether it's in the residence hall, library or somewhere else, having a distraction free place to study is important, especially heading into exams.  If your student is having a hard time studying in the residence halls, encourage them to talk to their Resident Assistant about their hall community.
  2. Are you making it to all of your classes? The easiest way to learn material is to hear it from the professor.  Attending every class is an achievable goal for your student. If they have missed a few classes, some professors will help students who seek extra help and take responsibility for their choices.  Encourage your student to set up a meeting with their professors or the Center for Student Success (formerly titled the Center for Academic Success).
  3. How's your roommate?  In Residence Life, we typically notice an increased number of roommate conflicts during November.  Having your student address mounting issues with the Resident Assistant will help make the last months of the semester smoother. 
  4. What do you do for fun?  This question helps determine if your student has achieved a balance between academic and social life.  It can also be a gateway to asking about making the appropriate social choices regarding alcohol and drug use. 
  5. What clubs or organizations have you joined?  Research indicates that students who are involved in a club or organization succeed in college. They make connections outside the classroom. Students can connect with their peers in a positive way through any of our 70 registered student organizations.  
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