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Housing Accommodations Procedures and Policies

Students requesting accommodations for the Residence Hall are required to complete the housing Accommodation Form. The form has three sections.  The first part is to be completed by the student requesting accommodations and provides Student Disability Services (SDS) with basic information about the student and a personal impact statement that describes the need for accommodations.  The second part is an Authorization to Receive Information.   This gives us permission to talk to your healthcare professional if we have any questions regarding the request or recommendations for accommodations.  The third part must be completed by the healthcare provider, and documents the need for a housing accommodation.   No accommodations will be provided before this form is received by SDS.

SDS will review the information on the form.  SDS may seek input from the Department of Residence Life and others on campus.

Factors we consider when evaluating accommodation requests:

  • Is the impact of the condition life threatening or does it pose a health or safety issue if the request is not met?
    Examples: the need for specialized equipment to aid in breathing, or disabilities that limit mobility.
  • Is the request an integral component of a treatment plan prescribed by a medical profession for the condition in question and not just a preference?
    Example student has an aid that assists with getting the student ready for the day and needs a private bathroom to make this possible.
  • Is the request for accommodation based on living needs and not for other aspects of the college experience, such as studying, since there may be many options on campus for meeting these other needs?
  • Was the request made within the initial housing request deadline or as soon as possible after identifying the need?
  • Are there other effective means that would achieve similar benefits as the requested accommodation?

Policies and Procedures for Housing Accommodations

  • Students requesting housing accommodations through SDS must do so in addition to following all regular Department of Residence Life procedures by the established deadlines.
  • Students asking to break a housing contract or change rooms due to a medical/psychological condition or disability must comply with the established procedures of the Department of Residence Life and must provide documentation to SDS.  The documentation must include a statement explaining the need to break the contract and why moving to another location on campus is not feasible.
  • Residence Life Housing Accommodations are given for the contract year.  Students requesting the same or similar accommodations for the following year should complete the student section of this form and return it to SDS at the same time they complete their Housing Contract forms for the following year.  The student may be asked to update his or her documentation depending on the medical condition.
  • Students who plan on using a service dogs are not required to contact SDS or Department of Residence Life, but it is nonetheless highly recommended to help ease the transition.  A service animal is a dog (or ADA recognized alternative animal) that is trained by a specialist to do a specific task for the benefit of the person with a disability.  The task performed by the animal must directly relate to the individual's disability and must not come naturally to the animal(such as being able to help someone with a visual impairment cross the street or alert a person with a hearing impairment to a fire alarm).
  • Students who want to have an animal in the residence halls  for emotional support must;
    • Contact SDS and the residence Life office at least 60 days prior to move in date.
    • Provide documentation from a healthcare professional documenting a disability with an  explanation of  the need for such an animal.
    • Ensure that the animal will not create a health/safety issue to anyone on campus.
    • The maintenance, upkeep and discipline of the service animal are the student's responsibility.

Request for such an animals will be assessed on an individual bases.  No animal can move into the  residence halls until SDS approves such as request.  Questions about the differences between a service dog and a comfort animal should be directed to the Director of SDS, Karen Franklin 704-327-2508 or at

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