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Offices & Key Contacts

The Campus Police are housed in the building located on the northwest side of the Evans Clock Tower.

Queens University of Charlotte
Campus Police Department
Stultz Building: MSC 1426
1900 Selwyn Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28274

704 337-2306 direct
704 337-2379 fax

Contact List:

Position Name Extention Email
AVP Raymond H. Thrower, Jr. Ext. 2532
Office Manager Linda Hammaker Ext. 2481
Captain/Acting Chief Mac Cable Ext. 2476
Sergeant Jean Macon Ext. 2306
Officer Joe Calderon Ext. 2306
Officer Lorri Crosby Ext. 2306
Officer Beth Fehling Ext. 2306
Officer Terri Oxford Ext. 2306
Officer Trent Reed Ext. 2306
Reserve Officer Johnnie Ravenell Ext. 2443
Reserve Officer Joseph Squashic Ext. 2306
Reserve Officer James Spencer Ext. 2306
Reserve Officer Ronnie Puett Ext. 2306
Reserve Officer Charles Spencer Ext. 2306
Dispatcher Vicki Long Ext. 2306
Dispatcher Kris Bohon Ext. 2306
Parking & Transportation Coordinator Richard Smith Ext. 2729
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