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An Evening with Hugh McColl

09/06/13 -  

It was standing room only in Ketner Auditorium when students, alumni, and friends of the McColl School of Business gathered for an evening with Hugh McColl. The event was sponsored by the Entrepreneurial Leadership Circle, and the topic was leadership. Mr. McColl opened with the comparison of two historic figures: one who promised everlasting life and one who promised certain death. People chose to follow both, so what is it that makes a leader worthy of being followed? The first was Jesus Christ, who called on his disciples, saying "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." The second was Dan Daly, United States Marine and two-time recipient of the Medal of Honor, who led his men in a charge against the Germans in WWI. Both provided a path towards a vision, unattainable without them. Mr. McColl spent the next hour addressing this notion of leadership and answering questions from the audience in his always compelling and candid approach.

Lori Collins, EMBA alum and strategic advisor and coach at Emerging Ventures, featured key takeaways from the event in a recent post on her blog StartUp Café: "Hugh McColl on Leadership- 9 Nuggets."

1.      Why would anybody want to follow you?

2.      There's a contract between leaders and followers- it starts with trust.

3.      Delegating is the first act of trust.

4.      Lead by example.

5.      Take care of your troops.

6.     High energy is the most important quality when hiring.

7.      No one gets appointed as a leader.

8.      Leaders must tolerate disagreement.

9.      Put the money on people who score.

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Mr. McColl also expressed enthusiasm about Charlotte's future. It's apparent that up and coming leaders come in all shapes and sizes, and this is immensely prevalent as Charlotte faces new challenges and opportunities. The strength of the McColl School's business connections coupled with the rich history of Queens creates an opportunity for the McColl School of Business to develop leaders who will take on a number of roles to help shape the future of Charlotte.

Since formally retiring from Bank of America in 2001, Mr. McColl's vision is still influencing and inspiring leaders today. As Lori put it, "Hugh McColl has been speaking on leadership for over 40 years, and it never gets old." 

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