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Awards Convocation 2011

04/25/11 -  

2011 Awards Convocation Recipients


Outstanding Humanities Students: Lindsey Collins, Kate Newbury

Marjorie Blankenship Melton Creative Writing Award:

Fiction-Mollie Beachum

Nonfiction-Travis Mullis

Paul Newman Poetry Award - Laura Forester

Freshman Writing Award - Virginia Marshall, Hannah Caddell

Evelyn Faires English Award - Mary Davis

Outstanding Drama Student - Lisa Shirley, Nathan Fields

Overall Commitment to Art Award - Niran Lohmaneeratana

Overall Commitment to Art Award - Rebeca Carvajal

Outstanding Art Thesis - Maria Hernandez

Outstanding Music Student - Lauren Lampley

Outstanding Music Performer - Brandi Moon

Music Therapy Clinical Skills Award - Lora Robinson

Outstanding Natural Sciences & Mathematics Student - Jamie Harper

Outstanding Student in Environmental Science/Environmental Studies - Ben Brink

GlaxoSmithKline Women in Science Scholarship - Lindsey King

Virginia L. Martin Scholarship - Jazmin Sosa

Becky Rowell Outstanding Laboratory Award - Maureen Danaher

Outstanding Psychology Student - Megan O'Brien, Lauren Weathers

Outstanding Political Science Student - Diana Martinez, David Anderson

Loren Fauchier Award in International Studies - William Joseph Haynes, Laurel Briglevich

Freshman Honors Student of the Year - Alma Beciragic

Sophomore Honors Student of the Year - Brennan Shearer

Outstanding Senior Honors Thesis - Lauren Weathers

Outstanding Student in Core 112, Fall 2010 - Jenna Buthman

Outstanding Student in Core 122, Spring 2010 - William Beau Rowe

Outstanding Student in Core 222, Spring 2010 - Emily Koll, Anneka VanScoyoc

Outstanding Student in Core 222, Fall 2010 - Andrew Fuentes, Danielle Phillips

Outstanding Student in Core 412, Fall 2010 - Kaylyssa Hughes, Ashley Griffith

Outstanding Student in Core 412, Spring 2011 - Laurel Briglevich

Class of '58 International Scholarship - Samantha Parton, Reilly Sowka

Jo Dewitt International Adventurer Scholarship - Andrew Fuentes, Brandy Baker

Elizabeth A. Dalton International Intern Scholarship - Erin Williams

Outstanding McColl School of Business Student - Ashley Shilling, Carly Baker

Outstanding Communication Student -Allison Gaskin

Robert Knowles Communication Scholarship - Dana McGrath

Outstanding Elementary Education Student - Amanda O'Neal

Outstanding Secondary Education Student - Jenna Tomlison

The Center for Academic Success Tutor of the Year - Kimberly Ernsberger, Megan O'Brien

SGA President - Angel Rouson

SGA Vice President - Desmond Williams

SGA Secretary - Kaitlyn Blakely

SGA Treasurer - Tiara Saray Smalls

Campus Union Board President - Michael Fleming

Campus Judicial Board Chief Justice - Beau Rowe

Honor Council President - Matt Crane

Queens Social Justice Award - Beau Rowe, Jesse Hunt

Diana Award - Danielle Phillips

2009 Greek Scholarship Cup - Alpha Delta Pi Sorority

Judy Moore Leonard Leadership in Service Award - Brittany Philip, Adora Reid, William Rowe, David Scheaf, Tiara Smalls, William Ward

Staff Person of the Year - Michele Kelly

Joseph W. Grier Jr. Distinguished Professor Award - S. Craig Renfroe

William S. Lee Distinguished Professor Award - Greg Pillar

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