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Collegiate 100 Induction Ceremony

10/07/12 -  

Queens inducted its second group of students into the Collegiate 100 on Sunday, October 7, 2012. The Collegiate 100 is comprised of students on college and university campuses across America who shares common goals with the sponsoring 100 Black Men of America, Inc. chapter. Collegiate 100 are a select group of students committed to volunteerism and improving the community through mentoring and being positive role models for young African-American youth.  The mission is to support the sponsoring chapter, 100 Black Men of Greater Charlotte, in their efforts to nurture and enhance the growth and development of young African-American males.

The vision is the ensure the future of the 100 Black Men of America chapters by developing a pipeline of exceptional young African-American male leaders who responsibly and proactively serve their homes, schools and communities. Queens is proud to have the first Collegiate 100 Chapter in Charlotte.

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