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Communication professors featured in magazines

04/11/11 -  

Dr. Mohammed el-Nawawy is featured in the April issue of Charlotte magazine, in a long feature called "Professor Facebook" about his research in social media in the Middle East and his visit to his native Eqypt just as President Hosni Mubarek resigned. Here's an excerpt from the story:

"As el-Nawawy sat on a plane approaching the ancient city, he wondered about its future. He carried a small tape recorder and camera; when he landed, he planned to head straight for Tahrir Square to talk to his countrymen. Though an academician, he is, at heart, a journalist... The atmosphere on the plane was tense as Egyptians discussed the situation. Some feared a massacre if protesters marched on the palace. The businessman next to el-Nawawy spoke of his financial troubles caused by the demonstrations. In the midst of this tension, a crew member walked into the cabin to make an announcement. As the first two rows heard the astounding news, word spread rapidly among passengers: President Mubarak had stepped down. There was a shocked silence, followed by a collective sigh of relief. The passengers erupted in cheers; the men stood and hugged each other..."

Dr. John A. McArthur is featured in the Spring 2011 issue of Ballantyne Magazine, in a package about social media.

"My office moves with me," he told the magazine. "If you're going to be 'on' in the 24/7 environment then you need to respond to e-mails at 11 p.m. or 7 a.m. My students expect instant or frequent feedback about their progress or questions on the material." 

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