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The Dean's Digest - August 2013

08/21/13 -  

I'm writing to share some important updates about the organizational structure here at the McColl School.  We've made a number of changes to recognize the outstanding work of our talented staff, and we've also re-organized and combined a number of positions to create more efficiency. 

It's been quite a first year for me at Queens and we know many of you have noticed some of the individual changes and been wondering about the big picture.  We're excited about the team and believe our changes will result in a streamlined approach consistent with the theme of Thrive!

We reorganized the McColl School around our three main competencies:  graduate education, undergraduate education, and executive education.

Will Sparks is stepping up to serve as associate dean for graduate programs and external relations, and he will maintain responsibilities for the McColl School leadership initiatives.  Steve Cox will lead our undergraduate efforts as associate dean for undergraduate programs.  And Linda Christopherson will continue as executive director of the Executive Leadership Institute (ELI).

Within Will's area on the programming side, we have appointed directors and administrators for each graduate program.

As previously announced, Nancy McNelis has been promoted from her role as EMBA director to serve as assistant provost and managing director for external affairs, reporting directly to G-P.  Her new job starts officially on September 1 but in the meantime she is committed to working the recruiting cycle to ensure we have a great incoming class for the EMBA.  We are delighted that Dr. Bill Berry will assume the EMBA director position, which is, incidentally, a role he held earlier in his storied career. Assisting Bill as the program administrator for the EMBA is Catterina Calderon.

Dr. Les Hudson will be the PMBA director for the next year, allowing us to relieve Bob Mobley of one of his many hats.  Marcia Stefan will work with Les as the PMBA program administrator.

Dr. John Bennett will continue to serve as the director for the MSEC program, including the CCP certificate program.  John will assume responsibility for the MSOD program as well.  Christina Pak has moved into the program administrator role for those programs.

On the graduate admissions front, Elizabeth Henderson has taken on new responsibilities as director of admissions for all McColl School graduate programs, and will work directly for Will.  We're excited to see what this dynamic duo will be able to accomplish in the coming years!

Andrea Kiessling has accepted new responsibilities as director of the Professional Development Center, reporting to Linda in the ELI.

In the dean's office, Riley Clark has been tapped to serve as budget and operations manager for the McColl School, and Bob Mobley has taken a new role as assistant dean of operations.

Thank you to our McColl team for helping craft this new structure and a special thanks to our dedicated folks who agreed to tackle new challenges and responsibilities.

As always, we'd love to hear from you, we'd love to meet you for coffee some morning, and we would love for you to subscribe to the McColl School blog.  It's your move.

Ron Shiffler 


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