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Dr. McArthur Honored with Top Ten Paper Award at NCA

imageDr. John A. McArthur
05/01/07 -  

Dr. John A. McArthur, assistant professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs in the School of Communication, was honored at the National Communication Association's annual conference in Chicago, Illinois, held November 11-15, 2009. His teaching presentation titled, "What Happened? Teaching Attributions with Ambiguous Prompts" received a Top Ten Paper Award and a Top Three Paper Award for papers related to the conference theme. Both of these awards were given in the GIFTS division of NCA which sponsors papers on the best teaching practices for communication concepts.

About Dr. McArthur

Dr. McArthur is a teacher, student, and researcher of user-experience design, proxemics (the communicativity of space), and the role of technology and media design in society. Dr. McArthur's current research includes studies of the ways that we produce and distribute information using the various platforms of medium and modality, including digital environments, speeches, print documents, physical space, and social media.

Dr. McArthur teaches a variety of courses at Queens including the introductory course, Public Relations, Layout & Design, Media Aesthetics, and courses in media & society.

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