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Dr. Nathaniel leads students to the Emerald Isle

imageDr. Daina Nathaniel
05/10/09 -  

Dr. Daina Nathaniel, Assistant Professor in the School of Communication, served as one of three Queens University of Charlotte professors leading students on a John Belk International Program (JBIP) study tour of Ireland in the summer 2009. Dr. Nathaniel and her group of talented students left for Ireland on May 10, 2009 and will spend several weeks touring sites from Dublin to Belfast throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. Follow their progress on the JBIP Emeral Isle blog:

A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Nathaniel's scholarly interests center around Caribbean issues, particularly with respect to culture and identity. Her primary research area is cultural studies which looks at the relationships between cultures within societies, issues of power and domination, issues of race and ethnicity between disparate groups, and all the attendant challenges that arise as all people try to find a sense of place within their various environments: home, school, work, church, community and nation.

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