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Dr. Pupchek presents at Association for Canadian Studies

imageDr. Leanne Pupchek
11/23/09 -  

Dr. Leanne Pupchek, associate professor of communication, presented a paper at the North by Northwest/South by Southwest conference of the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States last week. Dr. Pupchek's paper, "Camera Na[rra]tiva: Reading iconic images of Geronimo and Riel," compared the social, historical, cultural, material and technological contexts of photographs of Apache leader Geronimo and "Canada's greatest traitor," Metis and Northwest rebellion leader Louis Riel. She shared a panel with scholars from Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario) and the University of Ottawa.

About Dr. Pupchek

Dr. Pupchek's research interests include visual rhetoric, especially with regard to national identity, community identity, authenticity, branding and tourism. Her teaching specialties include Advertising, Business Writing, media design and production, and media analysis. Dr. Pupchek has earned the Fuqua Distinguished Educator Award at Queens, the student-nominated Capstone Award at the University of South Carolina, and, at the University of South Florida, she earned the art history paper prize and the doctoral student research prize in communication awarded by Art Bochner.

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