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Dr. Pupchek presents results of Fulbright research

05/24/12 -   Leanne Pupchek presented the first results of her Fulbright research at an invitation-only conference in L'viv, Ukraine on May 18. Her paper, "Identity (in)formation: Evaluating UEFA's EURO2012 website for evidence of the new Ukraine" shared the lingering Western conception of Ukraine as one of many "post-Soviet" nations. Evaluating the web treatment of Ukraine compared to its co-host "twin" Poland, reveals significant gaps in the credibility and charisma of UEFA's website and links that work against Ukraine and suggest Ukraine will not benefit from the tournament as much as it hopes. The 1.5 hours of discussion were active and revelatory. The paper is part of her planned book-length manuscript that will describe the national identity of Ukraine from different points of view and in different voices. She shared the conference podium with two other speakers, one from Samora, Russia and the other from Kyiv, Ukraine. See her blog for full reports.
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