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Dr. el-Nawawy Interviews Political Bloggers in Cairo

imageDr. Mohammed el-Nawawy
08/03/09 -   Dr. Mohammed el-Nawawy, Knight-Crane Assistant Professor in the School of Communication, returned in late July from a research trip to Cairo, Egypt where he conducted twenty in-depth interviews with political bloggers, civil rights activists, prominent journalists and political writers. el-Nawawy says that the interviews "help my study of the impact of political blogging on the Egyptian civil society, particularly at this critical juncture in the Egyptian political scene with talks about the transition of power from Mubarak to his younger son."

Dr. el-Nawawy is the author of several books on and multiple articles on Arab media. His most recent book, Islam Dot Com, was released in July 2009.

At Queens University of Charlotte, Dr. el-Nawawy teaches international communication, media globalization and journalism courses.  His research interests focus on new media in the Middle East, particularly satellite channels and the Internet, and their impact on the Arab public sphere. He is also interested in issues of public diplomacy and ways of initiating effective dialogue between the Middle East and the West.

For more information, contact Dr. el-Nawawy.
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