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Dr. el-Nawawy interviewed on MarketPlace and by Los Angeles Times

01/07/13 -  

Professor Mohammed el-Nawaway, Knight-Crane Endowed Chair and associate professor, was interviewed on MarketPlace (American Public Radio) and by the Los Angeles Times about plans for Al Jazeera to turn the former Current TV into a news channel called Al Jazeera America. Al Jazeera's reputation in the United States is anti-American and pro-terrorist. 

Dr. el-Nawaway told the Los Angeles Times, "The Bush administration framed Al Jazeera as a platform for terrorists, and that perception has not changed in the minds of average Americans who don't know much about Al Jazeera or that part of the world."   On MarketPlace, Dr. el-Nawaway said that to be successful, Al Jazeera America will have to report on topics that Americans are interested in and should hire reporters that Americans know and trust already.

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