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Eason, Hudson win award from Southeast Case Research Association

imageCatherine Eason and Dr. Les Hudson
03/14/11 -  

Catherine Eason and Dr. Les Hudson recently won an award from the Southeast Case Research Association, an organization specializing in case-writing for students to use in universities and colleges, both on an undergraduate and graduate level.

Cases are submitted by both faculty and students and are peer-reviewed for suggestions and ideas before being submitted for publication.  These cases are intended to encourage students to use critical thinking skills involved in many arenas relevant to business.  The association also encourages submissions for cases written on profit and non-profit entities.

Eason's paper was written about a non-profit organization she has worked with in the third-world country Malawi in Africa. She has visited Malawi twice and her church's mission there has lasted more than 17 years and continues to grow.  The mission focuses on providing financial support for their short and long-term strategic management and financial systems to be put in to place to encourage and track donor giving. 

Hudson was a consultant for strategic management, and played the leading role in developing this paper for the case writing competition.

After Eason returned from her first trip to Malawi she shared poignant photos with her students. One, who has since graduated, joined her church, and is now head of the Malawi Committee's financial/support efforts.

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