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Emergency Information


Status Alert: For real-time class information, check the website and expect QAlert messages.

Emergency Contacts:

Campus Police:

Director of Campus Safety & Security:

Student Health & Wellness Center:

At Queens University of Charlotte, we are proud of our caring community and the trust we place in one another.  At the same time, we understand that Queens is not immune to emergencies or other disruptive situations.

In the event of an emergency (such as severe weather or other natural disaster that results in a delay or closure of the university; a major public health event such as a pandemic outbreak; or a significant incident of violence), the university's crisis management team will communicate with members of the campus community in a variety of ways depending on the nature of the incident. 

QAlert is the emergency notification system that we use to notify the campus community of an emergency, inclement weather, or class cancellations.  It sends messages about the status of a given situation, as well as other details the campus needs to know.  Students, faculty and staff are automatically registered for QAlert through the university's enterprise resource management system.  To review and/or update your contact information-including your cell phone number for text messages-please go to and log in using your network user name and password.  Then click the "Update Your Contact Information" button in the middle of the page.

Severe Weather Events
The university will provide delay and closure information to local television and radio stations, as well as via, QAlert, broadcast email and broadcast voicemail (for faculty and staff).

Violent Incidents and Public Health Events
The university will use QAlert to alert students, faculty and staff about major emergencies on campus.  We will also use communication tools such as broadcast email, broadcast voicemail, and the homepage of the website.

General Information
We recommend students, faculty and staff use these links to find additional information about our Campus Police and Student Health and Wellness Center.

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