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Faculty Publication Combines Oral Tradition and Electronic Media

11/08/08 -  

Dr. Leanne Stuart Pupchek, Associate Professor in the School of Communication at Queens University of Charlotte, had work published in Logos: A journal of Eastern Christian studies, the journal of record concerning Eastern Orthodoxy. Her article, entitled "Liturgy as Catechesis:A Rhetorical Perspective on Orthodox Christian Educational Practice" was co-authored by Dr. William Mills of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin Russian Orthodox Church in Charlotte, who has also served as an adjunct faculty member at Queens in recent years.

The article offers that Western scholars have largely ignored the oral tradition as revealed in the Orthodox liturgy of St. John Chrysostome and suggests that theorists who grew up in the Eastern church environment (in this case focusing on Slavonic) have a great deal to offer in an age of electronic orality (when compared to those who grew up in the twentieth-century society that privileged "book-learning" literacy).

The article is available in Logos: A journal of Eastern Christian studies, Volume 49, pages 209-233. Dr. Pupchek can be reached at

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