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Queens concludes football feasibility study

06/12/14 -  

With the support of its Board of Trustees and in response to a request by the South Atlantic Conference (an NCAA Division II conference that includes a number of private southeastern schools with football programs), Queens University of Charlotte launched a feasibility study in fall 2013 to determine whether the addition of football was right for the university.

As part of the study, a task force of students, faculty, alumni, staff, trustees, donors and friends examined the addition of football from every angle. From financial implications to venues for playing and practice, the group took a hard look at whether football would add or detract from the university's priorities. Queens also connected with other schools of the same size and type to learn lessons from their experiences.

While there were many factors that made the prospect of football intriguing, Queens has decided it is not the right move at this time. The required capital investment for facilities, along with the expected initial operating losses, is significant. Generally speaking, the university's key stakeholders - including students, faculty, alumni, staff and trustees - were more neutral than excited. Finally, as the leadership team surveyed our existing slate of current and near-future initiatives, it was clear football would require a heavy diversion of focus and energy. With all this as backdrop the trade-offs simply didn't add up. 

"In order to move forward with an initiative as important as football, we want to be fully confident and excited that it's the right choice," said President Pamela Davies. "The feasibility study served us well. It did exactly what it was supposed to - it took a deep and honest dive into all of the pros and cons of Division II football so that we could make the best, most informed decision."

While football may be attractive for Queens at some point in the future, today, the university will continue to direct its efforts toward adding and strengthening other programs, both academic and athletic.

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