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Queens students team up with elementary school students to assess the health of Irwin Creek

imageWalter G. Byers Elementary students Chelsea Gbonvi, 10, and Evelin Urias, 10, and Queens student Elli McGuire observe stream insects as they remove them from rocks.
03/24/14 -  

On Thursday, March 20, one of Dr. Reed Perkins' environmental science classes teamed up with Walter G. Byers Elementary School (WGB) kids to monitor the health of Irwin Creek. The group met in Anita Stroud Park and worked together to remove rocks from the stream in order to collect stream insects.

In groups of four (two Queens students and two WGB students), the students scoured the rocks for stream insects and then collected them in vials of creek water.

WGB students will come to Rogers Hall on Queens campus on Thursday, March 27 to team up once again with Queens students to identify the insects, look at them under the microscope and through the miracle of science, determine the health of Irwin Creek.

See pictures from the students' day at Irwin Creek on the Charlotte Observer website:




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