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Music Therapy Department Helps Kenyan Boy With Cerebral Palsy

imageMayian receives music therapy from Meg Alecia Johnson, music therapy clinical coordinator at Queens. Photo courtesy of Charlotte Observer.
08/16/13 -  

Queens' Music Therapy Department is featured in a Charlotte Observer article about Mayian, a 12-year-old Kenyan boy with cerebral palsy. Mayian came to Charlotte this summer to receive six weeks of various therapy, including music therapy at Queens to help him gain strength and confidence. 

Read Mayian's moving story, which also includes photos and video of him receiving music therapy at Queens from Music Therapy Clinical Coordinator Meg Alecia Johnson. 

Queens' Music Therapy program is one of only a few programs on the East Coast that includes an on-campus clinic where patients come to receive therapy. The clinic provides music therapy students the opportunity to receive a richer, more hands-on experience than they would receive at an off-site facility. Many clinics treat only a handful of children whereas Queens' clinic sees about 50. 

Queens' Music Therapy program is also one of only a few programs in the country where students get hands-on clinical experience during their first year in the program.

Music Therapists work with persons of all ages to facilitate desired non-musical outcomes in physical, emotional, intellectual or social well-being. This evidence-based practice may occur in many settings, including schools, hospitals, hospice programs and private practice. Learn more about Queens' Music Therapy Department which offers a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy. 

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