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Knight graduates 9 Masters students

imagePictured: Shannon Hames, Laura Dahlberg, Katina Khan-Watkins, Catherine Whittaker, Adriana Gonzalez, Elizabeth Horgan, Elizabeth Walker, Bill Gary, Angela Glass, and Dr. Kim Weller Gregory.
05/06/11 -  

Congratulations to the Knight School of Communication Masters program graduates. At the commencement ceremony on Friday evening, these students received their Master of Arts in Organizational and Strategic Communication.

Laura Dahlberg

William Gary

Angela Glass

Adriana Gonzalez

Shannon Hames

Elizabeth Horgan

Katina Khan-Watkins

Elizabeth Walker

Catherine Whittaker

Embracing the Knight school vision, Always Current, Always Connected, the twittersphere was alive before, during, and after Graduate Commencement as Knight M.A. Comm students live tweeted their ceremony.

The Knight School held a reception for the graduates and their proud families following the ceremony. During this reception, the first annual Faculty Service Award and Student Service Award were presented. These awards recognize a graduate faculty member and a student  for excellent service to the graduate program throughout the year and are selected by current students and faculty respectively. Bill Gary,  2010-2011 Social Chair, presented Dr. Kim Weller Gregory with the Faculty Service Award and current student, David Owens-Hill presented Bill Gary with the Student Service Award.

Each of these students worked very hard throughout their time in the Knight School and we wish them the best in their future endeavors.

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