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Recent accomplishments and updates

08/02/12 -  
  • Dr. John Bennett presented lectures to students and faculty at Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, Poland during McColl School international study tour to Poland and Germany last month. The title of the lecture was "Executive (Organizational) Coaching: From Theory to Practice."
  • Drs. John Bennett, Dawn Chandler and Gary Wagenheim of the McColl School presented a session entitled, "Planning Your Professional Journey for Success and Sustainability" at the June 2012 Organizational Behavior Teaching Society Conference held at Brock University in Ontario, Canada.
  • Dr. Harry Bowen of the McColl School of Business was interviewed Thursday, July 26 by News 14 Carolina regarding issues surrounding the recent Libor scandal. Watch it here.
  • Dr. Harry Bowen of the McColl School of Business was interviewed Friday, June 8 by News 14 Carolina regarding the European economic situation.  Read it here.
  • Dr. Harry Bowen's paper, "Testing Moderating Hypotheses in Limited Dependent Variable and Other Nonlinear Models: Secondary Versus Total Interactions," will be published in the May 2012 issue of the prestigious Journal of Management. The paper counters received wisdom and advances understanding of the proper use and interpretation of interaction variables in empirical models that are intrinsically nonlinear in model parameters. Read it here
  • Dr. Karen Geiger of the McColl School of Business presented a paper she co-authored with Dr. Cheryl Jordan entitled "Inclusive Leadership in a Societal Context of Racism" at the 2012 Equality Diversity and Inclusion Conference held at the Toulouse Business School in France last month. This conference was attended by participants from over 14 countries. Geiger and Jordan's paper was also named "Best Paper" of its stream and is now being considered for all-conference Best Paper.
  • Dr. Mary Howerton of the McColl School of Business received the Liberty Bell Award at the Mecklenburg County Bar Law Day luncheon. "This annual Award recognizes an individual who has performed community service that has strengthened the American system of freedom under the law." Dr. Howerton has spent her adult life in service to the Bar, our community and our state.
  • Dr. Richard Ray of the McColl School of Business had a guest column published in the Charlotte Observer earlier this year. Read the column here
  • Dr. Will Sparks of the McColl School of Business was quoted in a WFAE report about the BB&T Distinguished Leaders in Action Lecture Series.
  • Dr. Will Sparks of the McColl School of Business was interviewed by the Charlotte Business Journal regarding communication within small businesses. Read it here.
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