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MSN Student Wins Nurse of the Year

10/16/12 -  

Queens Master of Science in Nursing student Julie DelCasino was honored as the Health Systems Nurse of the Year by the North Carolina Nurses Association.  The award recognizes nurses who go above and beyond in their dedication to providing care for North Carolinians.

Julie has worked in the nursing profession for 28 years and has served as a bedside nurse, infection control practitioner, nurse educator and nurse manager.  She currently works as the magnet program director for Presbyterian Healthcare and is an active volunteer with numerous local organizations.

Julie reports that she always intended to get her master's degree, but marriage, children and nursing management roles took a front seat for some time.  In 2011, after her children left for college, "Things lined up for school to be in the front seat. What better way to be a role model for my kids and other nurses at the hospital than to enroll in graduate school?"  She started the MSN program with two of her friends and colleagues at the same time. 

"I focus on issues differently thanks to my Queens education," she says. "I just recently completed a major project at work. Countless times my graduate education has assisted my writing, my analysis of data and outcomes, and nursing research."

We are proud to call you a student, Julie.  Congratulations!

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