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Recent accomplishments and updates

03/06/12 -  


  • Cathy Anderson of the McColl School of Business was featured in this week's Charlotte Observer, with an Op Ed titled "The surprising dividends that come from nurturing creativity."  The piece is in support of the Arts and Science Council campaign. 
  • Cathy Anderson of the McColl School of Business (aka mystery writer Cathy Pickens) has a chapter on "Character Motivations" in the new book "Now Write! Mysteries."
  • Cathy Anderson of the McColl School of Business served as the faculty supervisor for a group of three Professional MBA students that won first place in the annual Baylor Case Competition. The student team included: Amanda Cash, Christian Melvin, and Miranda Reynolds.  Read about it here.
  • Dr. Michael Arena and Dr. Karen Geiger of the McColl School of Business participated as guest speakers in the first TWIST Conference for Women in Leadership, which took place at The Lodge at Ballantyne on February 8-10, 2012. This event was organized and hosted by three MSOD current students/recent graduates: Amber Lineback ('11), Carson Tate ('11), and Lou Solomon ('12).
  • Dr. John Bennett, Dr. Harry Bowen, and Dr. Will Sparks of the McColl School of Business presented during the second annual HR Leadership Summit on February 17, 2012. They discussed current research related to the economics of human capital and ways in which the workforce responds to economic and job uncertainty in the session "Human Resource Issues in the Current Economical Environment: Implications for Performance Management and Employee Engagement."
  • Dr. John Bennett of the McColl School of Business recently had an article titled "Executive Coaching Style: In Search of a Vocabulary," published in "Developing Mentoring & Coaching Research and Practice." The research was conducted in collaboration with MA in Organizational Communication alumni John English. This work explored the vocabulary used by executive coaches to describe their style of coaching.
  • Dr. John Bennett of the McColl School of Business, in collaboration with Dr. Mary Wayne Bush, had the paper, "High Impact Coaching for Organizational Change," published in a recent issue of The International Journal of Coaching in Organizations.
  • Dr. Dawn Chandler, who will be teaching in the MS in Executive Coaching (MSEC) program this summer and joining the McColl School of Business faculty full-time in the fall, was published in the current issue of the Annals of the Academy of Management. Co-authored by Kathy E. Kram and Jeffrey Yip, the article is titled "An Ecological Systems Perspective on Mentoring at Work: A Review and Future Prospects."
  • Dr. Steven Cox of the McColl School of Business held the second annual Scholarship Case Competition. A story about the winner and the competition was featured in the Hickory Daily Record.
  • Dr. Pierce Howard of the McColl School of Business traveled to China last November and presented a lecture to two groups of 800 (one at the University of Tsinghua in Beijing, the other in Shanghai) on the topic of "Using Personality Assessment for Leadership Development." Dr. Howard also taught his three-day certification program on the WorkPlace Big Five Profile for the first time in China to a group of management consultants in Beijing. This is all through his organization's (CentACS) new Chinese Partner-Future Career Corp. of Beijing.
  • The recently published book, "Organizational Culture, Learning & Knowledge Management," (Common Ground, 2011) contains a chapter, "Knowledge, Social Capital and Organizational Learning," co-authored by the late Dr. Roger McGrath and Dr. Will Sparks. It explores the impact of the physical environment on knowledge creation, innovation and learning.
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