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Miss Betty celebrated in Washington

05/03/11 -  

 Congresswoman Sue Myrick recognized our beloved Miss Betty for her long service to Queens in a proclamation on the House floor that is now part of the Congressional Record. Here is what she read:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Mrs. MYRICK. Mr. Speaker, for almost a half a century, Betty Davis-affectionately known as Miss Betty-has been serving the community at Queens University in Charlotte.
Having been at Queens for nearly a third of the university's history, she's its longest serving employee, and everywhere you look, you
can see Miss Betty's influence.
She began working at Queens in 1962 as a housekeeper in one of the residence halls.
She then became a housemother, saying recently  in an interview that the girls in her houses respected her because she respected
It's her respect for those around her that has made Miss Betty more than just a friendly face on the Queens University campus-she's
someone that students, faculty and staff know they can turn to at any time.
In 1978, university President Dr. Billy O. Wireman took notice, and asked Miss Betty to be his personal assistant. She says that she
became like family with Dr. Wireman. He presented her with the Honorary Alumna Award in 1988; she sat with his family at his funeral
in 2005.
Close to starting her 50th year at Queens, Miss Betty has recently been named the doyenne of the Queens dining hall. When she's not caring for what she calls her ''Queens children'' during the school year, she's often spotted around Charlotte-whether shopping or walking around Freedom Park.
She's a celebrity-type figure, and anywhere you go around town, you're sure to find someonewho knows Miss Betty.
In an article recently published by the Queens University Magazine, Miss Betty recalls a piece of advice her friend and mentor Dr. Wireman once told her: ''Gal, don't ever say no. Say you'll try your best.'' And that's exactly what Miss Betty has been doing for Queens University, her family and the Charlotte community for five decades. We appreciate her service to generations of Charlotteans, and look forward to many more
years of her guiding influence.

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